Below are photos taken on August 11, 2002 as part of the Flight Across America trip of N6632P. The route moved counter clockwise around Boston to visit six airports in the five New England states. 
Flight-00.jpg (30681 bytes)
00  at Danielson, ready
 for pre-flight
Flight-01.jpg (29853 bytes)
01 1st stop, Block Island
Flight-02.jpg (20684 bytes)
02  Bethany's at BID
 for breakfast
Flight-03.jpg (25971 bytes)
03  departing BID 
for Cape Cod
Flight-04.jpg (28460 bytes)
04  a Stearman at Chatham,
 ready for rides
Flight-05.jpg (23899 bytes)
05  Chatham on
 Cape Cod
Flight-06.jpg (13625 bytes)
06  over Orleans, Ma.
and headed for Maine
Flight-07.jpg (10990 bytes)
07  Provincetown
 in the haze
Flight-08.jpg (26479 bytes)
08  Sanford, Me.
Flight-09.jpg (28501 bytes)
09  two Comanches
 at Sanford
Flight-10.jpg (20729 bytes)
10  Parlin field at
 Newport, NH
Flight-11.jpg (24762 bytes)
11  a pause for an ice 
cream at Parlin
Flight-12.jpg (22165 bytes)
12  Bennington, Vt.
Flight-13.jpg (27058 bytes)
13  Morse State
Flight-14.jpg (24225 bytes)
14  DC-3 parked
 at Bennington
Flight-15.jpg (21054 bytes)
15  Pittsfield, Ma.
Flight-16.jpg (20466 bytes)
16  a future pilot gets
 instruction at Pittsfield
Flight-17.jpg (24757 bytes)
17  back home, a future passenger checks it out..
N6632P_at_Dnlsn.jpg (29519 bytes)
18  parked, and ready for
 flight another day