Below is a plot of the planned August 11, 2002 flight for N6632P. The route moves counter clockwise around Boston to visit General Aviation airports in each of the five New England states.
Departing 5B3 (Danielson, Ct), the first stop is BID (Block Island, RI) for breakfast at Bethany's Airport Dinner. Then it's over Martha's Vineyard and on to CQX (Chatham, Ma) to visit with family. Next is a long over-water leg from Cape Cod to SFM (Sanford, Me) and a fuel stop. With the fuel topped off we move on, via Concord, to 2B3 (Newport, NH) for more family visiting and ice cream. Next is DDH (Morse State Airport, Bennington, Vt), then PSF (Pittsfield, Ma) for a coffee break. The final leg, back to Danielson, threads the needle between Westover Air Base (CEF) near Springfield, Ma, and Bradley International Airport (BDL) near Hartford, Ct.
The total flight represents three and a half hours of flight time, spread over the morning to mid afternoon, with new friends and experiences at each stop.