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ICS-NE fly-in reports Photos
   2010 at Nantucket Ma (pdf)    Photos of past fly-ins  (htm)
   2013 at Nantucket Ma (pdf)    NYC Hudson Corridor  (ppt)
   Danielson CT 2013 CPTP Clinic report (pdf)    Flying the NYC Hudson Corridor (htm)
   How to plan a fly-in  Nov 09 (htm)  
  Baltimore 2012 Convention
Tribe Business    Baltimore Convention report (pdf)
   proposed NE Tribe Election Process (pdf)    Seminars & Vendors photos (ppt)
   Role of Tribe Officers (htm)    Fri Banquet & Gen Mtg photos (ppt)
   Application for Election - Tribe Officer (htm)    Airport Day & Flagship photos (ppt)
   Feb 2018 Letter from Tribe Officers (pdf)    Pilot Companion presentation (htm)
   Mar 2019 Letter to NE Tribe  
   To ICS: Cease and Desist letter  
  Degrees Offset by Hand Measure '16 (pdf)
Tailhorn Removal and Inspection steps (pdf) FAA Basic Medical forms April '17 (pdf)
N89 Gear Maintenance Seminar '15 (pdf) Step-by-step Canada border crossing guide '17 (pdf)
N40 Sky Manor Maintenance Seminar '16 (pdf) Comanche Mini-Clinics 2018 (pdf)
Group-Buy offerings 2018 (pdf) Oswego NY Airport Day Fly-In Aug '18 (pdf)
ElectroAir Ignition group-buy (pdf) Mar 2019 Estimating Crosswind Component (pdf)
  ICS membership Sign-up Form (pdf) Northeast Comanche Tribe membership application

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