International Comanche Society

- Northeast Tribe

All one-day fly-ins are scheduled for Saturdays, with Sunday as a rain date. Arrivals are mid-morning, with lunch at a restaurant on or near the airport. There will be plenty of time for conversation and inspection of attending Comanches before a mid-afternoon departure. There are a number of weekend fly-ins also planned, generally running from Friday evening through Sunday. An email invitation will be sent to the NE membership for each date with specific details. Click on the airport Id as a link to the AOPA website airport information page. Other events of interest are shown in Red.

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      2018 ICS NE Fly-in Schedule  
Date Apt Id Name Location Restaurant Program
Jan - Feb  - -  - no fly-ins planned -  - -  - -  
Feb 22-28 FPR Bahaman Excursion Ft.Pierce, FL   ICS Bahaman Blast
Mar 24 (25) JGG Williamsburg-Jamestown Williamsburg, VA Charlie's (FBO) luncheon
April 10-15 LAL Sun N Fun 2018 Lakeland, FL Sun N Fun
April 20-22 EWN Coastal Carolina Reg. Newbern, NC various Outer Banks weekend
April 22 BQ1 Gilliam-McConnell Carthage, NC Pik n Pig BBQ luncheon
May 26 (27) N89 Resnick Airport Ellenville, NY Italian luncheon
June 23 LHV Wm. Piper Memorial Lock Haven, PA Village Tavern luncheon/museum
July 21 (22) 2B3 Parlin Field Newport, NH local area luncheon
July 23-29 OSH Oshkosh AirVenture 2018 Oshkosh, WI   Oshkosh AirVenture 2018
Aug 11 FZY Fulton Co. Oswego, NY tbd EAA/ Mini-Clinic
Aug 14-18   ICS Convention Edinburgh, UK hosted by EU Tribe 2018 ICS Convention
Aug 25 (26) N40 Sky Manor Pittstown, NJ Sky Café luncheon/Annual Meeting
Sept 21-25 RKD Rockland Airport Rockland, ME CANCELLED Windjammer Cruise
Sept 23(22) LHV Wm. Piper Memorial Lock Haven, PA breakfast buffet breakfast/museum tour
Oct 5-7 ACK Nantucket Memorial Nantucket, MA various weekend fly-in
Oct 20 (21) LNS Lancaster Lancaster, PA Fiorertino's luncheon/ Mini-Clinic
Nov 17 (18) GED Delaware Coastal Georgetown, DE Arena's at the Airport luncheon/ Mini-Clinic
Dec  - -  - no fly-in planned -      

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 Last updated  10/01/18