International Comanche Society

- Northeast Tribe


ICS-NE Officer’s roles

Below are the duties for each office of the ICS-NE Tribe. It goes without saying that all NE members need to be willing to step in as needed for the Tribe's interest. The Tribe leadership continues to work closely as a group, with frequent sharing of communications. Tribe officers are elected each year, typically at the August fly-in. The Tribe Chief serves as a member of the ICS Board of Directors unless the Tribe elects another person for this specific role.

Elected Officers


Tribe Chief

·         Provide Tribe leadership

·         Represent Tribe on ICS Board of Directors

·         Attend Fall and Spring ICS BOD meetings, in person or via Skype

·         Provide “From the Chief” for quarterly "Nor'Easter" newsletter publication

·         Automatic member of all Tribe committees


Assistant Chief

·         Represent Tribe in Chief's absence except for ICS Tribe Rep

·         Leadership role in some Tribe activities

·         Usually act as Tribe Chief in training



·         Maintain Tribe email listing

·         Distribute Tribe communications in a timely fashion as needed

·         Maintain copies (files) of Tribe documents

·         Serve as an alternate signature on Tribe checkbook



·         Maintain financial records

·         Deposit / disperse Tribe monies in a timely fashion

·         Update officers on Tribe finances regularly

·         Provide financial information to ICS as required from time to time

Appointed Positions


Fly-In Coordinator

·         Provide schedule of fly-ins for ensuing year (with help)

·         Encourage/ assist members to host fly-ins

·         Confirm details with each host or destination prior to fly-in

·         Communicate any special details to Tribe through "Nor'Easter" or fly-in notices


Tribe Webmaster

·         Maintain the ICS-NE website, hosted by

·         Update Tribe web information, such as:

o        Tribe officer contact information

o        Yearly fly-in schedule and descriptions

o        Archive copies of the “Nor’Easter

o        Post any other information of interest to the Tribe


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 Last updated  05/17/14