How To Plan A one-day luncheon Fly-In
Find a location:
  1. choose an interesting destination and/or a relatively central location (1-2 flight hours)
  2. use a local ICS member as a contact
  3. assure adequate runway size and a group parking area
  4. confirm a restaurant on or near the field
Contact the airport:
  1. talk to the FBO manager and the restaurant staff
  2. walk the ground for any unique problems
  3. plan parking area, meeting space, "what ifs"
  4. establish a rain date plan
Communicate to the Tribe:
  1. list in the tribe newsletter events calendar
  2. prepare a direct e-mail invitation information form
  3. create flyers for local airports
  4. list on the Comanche Flyer events list
Final plans two weeks ahead of date:
  1. confirm plans with the FBO and with the restaurant
  2. send out e-mail invitations to the Tribe, copy the FBO and restaurant
The week of the fly-in:
  1. Send a second email invitation to the Tribe
  2. get an estimated number of aircraft and people to FBO and restaurant
  3. begin studying the weather patterns
The day before the fly-in:
  1. make go/no-go decision on rain date (which day would you want to fly in from an hour away?)
  2. communicate any changes of plan - no news means go ahead as planed
The day of the fly-in:
  1. be there early to set up
  2. bring you hand-held with fresh batteries
  3. meet and greet each arrival, and marshal to parking
  4. enlist help from the attendees and promote mingling
  5. take lots of pictures (someone does have a camera, yes?)
  6. give restaurant a head count for lunch about a half hour ahead
Group meeting (in a hangar space or over dessert after lunch):
  1. introduce yourself - home base, aircraft, years in ICS, positions held etc
  2. introduce and thank the FBO manager and restaurant staff
  3. have each person in attendance introduce themselves in turn
  4. talk of Tribe news, ICS news, topics of interest
  5. point out interesting details about the  choice of location
  6. ask for ideas for future activities (any volunteers?)
  7. take more pictures
  8. talk over any specific airport departure requirements
Post-lunch and departure:
  1. encourage a look and see of the assembled Comanches
  2. take more pictures
  3. encourage group help for fueling and ground movement
  4. coordinate departure if needed with hand signals and hand-held (but remember, you are not ATC)
  5. thank the FBO and restaurant personnel again for their participation
Fly-in report:
  1. in the weeks following the event, write up a fly-in report for the newsletter and/or Comanche Flyer
  2. include a description of the day, the aircraft and people in attendance, the FBO and restaurant reception, some of the ideas talked over as a group, and any other interesting points
  3. review all the pictures and pick the best 4 or 5 to include
  4. anyone who attended the fly-in should read about it and remember with satisfaction
  5. anyone who missed it should feel that they missed a great opportunity
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