Northeast Comanche

Tribe Documents

Tribe Documents
   Articles of Incorporation - Kansas 1992 (pdf) Meeting minutes:
   2019 Amendments to Articles  (pdf)    7-30-18 NE Exec Mtg (pdf)
   DRAFT NE Non-Profit Tribe Bylaws - 2018 (pdf)    10-19-19 Tribe Mtg (pdf)
   DRAFT NE Tribe Standing Rules - 2018 (pdf)     NE Election History -Lynn Ward (pdf)
   NE Tribe IRS EIN - 2018 (pdf)     7-21-18 Parlin Mtg (pdf)
   Code of Conduct (pdf)     8-24-19 Exec Phone Mtg (pdf)
   Guidelines- Conditions for Membership (pdf)    
   Tribe Membership Application (htm) 2020-21 Northeast Comanche Ballot Count Process
Tribe Business
   proposed NE Tribe Election Process (pdf) Response to 3-24-20 letter from Kate Boroughs to NE Tribe
   Role of Tribe Officers (htm)    Rebut to Boroughs letter - Morse (pdf)
   Application for Election - Tribe Officer (htm)    Analysis of falsehoods in Boroughs Letter - Ward (pdf)
   Letter barring Av Shiloh from Fly-Ins (pdf)    Shiloh Court affidavit inaccuracies - Ward (pdf)
   2017-18 Election Notes Bill Cunniff (pfd) Eric Sachs - response to Shiloh 9-26-20 email
   2020-21 Election Candidates (pdf)  

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