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 1992 Centennial Season Concert at the Woodstock Fair

1992 was the East Woodstock Cornet Bands 100th season, and, in honor of this achievement, we preformed a special concert on the main stage at the Woodstock Fair that year. The links below provide you with a sample of that concert. The source was a tape of the concert recorded by the Fair's PA technician. The files have been compressed to a more manageable size for downloading, resulting in some degradation of sound quality. The file size is indicated next to each link. Windows Media Player or a similar utility is required to download and play them.

- Concert Notes -

File 1 (622k) is a parade march medley. This is what you would hear if you were walking down the street with the band in one of our many Memorial Day or other parades, complete with drum cadence.
File 2 (356k), "Bandology", is a concert piece by Eric Osterling, a high school band director from Western Connecticut. The selection has a nice sound and was often featured in our outdoor concerts.
File 3 (240k), "the Surry With the Fringe On Top", comes from the musical "Oklahoma". Show tunes were often included in concerts, with this piece and it's horse hoof beats being particularly appropriate to the Quiet Corner of Connecticut.
File 4 (329k), "The Voice of the Guns", is a typical English march by Kenneth Alford. Alford is recognized as the English march king, much like our John Phillip Sousa, and is more famous for his march "Colonel Bogey", which we also performed.
File 5 (295k) is the "Beer Barrel Polka", always a crowd pleaser.
File 6 (348k), the "National Emblem March", is well known, and features the opening melody from the "Star Spangled Banner" in the first section.
File 7 (325k), "Them Basses", by E. E. Bagley, features the lower brass, always a strong section in the Cornet Band.
File 8 (357k) was usually programmed near the end of a concert, and introduced in this way: "Well, we only have about three and a half minutes left and a whole lot of music we would like to play for you today. Overtures, show tunes, folk songs, marches, dixieland - but there's not enough time. So what we're going to do is play more than thirty songs in the next three and a quarter minutes! Think we can? (pause) Here is the "Instant Concert" performed in - wow, only three minutes left!"   (this time we made it in less that 3 minutes)
File 9 (292k) is The "Washington Post" march by Sousa. Our concerts usually ended with this or another march from our own American march king.
concert notes by Peter Morse - 25 year member and conductor of the Cornet Band
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