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Welcome to the web pages of the Northeast Comanche Tribe, incorporated in 1992. The Tribe serves members from the 13 northeast states, from Virginia north to New York and through the New England states. This is the same region as covered in the FAA NE Airport Facility Directory. Most members are found in the areas south of Washington DC, in the coastal areas of Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey, and around New York City and into southern New England.

Tribe officers include the Chief, Assistant Chief, Scribe, Treasurer along with  an appointed Fly-in Coordinator. The officers are elected in the August elections and serve for one year. Many officers repeat their service in the following years.  The current officer contact information is posted on the web.

Each quarter the Northeast Comanche Tribe sends out an eNewsletter called the Nor'Easter. It contains a message from the Tribe Chief, contact information for the officers, the current fly-in schedule with links to sign up, reviews and photos of recent fly-ins, and articles of interest to the membership such as upcoming events or technical issues. Past issues are stored on the website, with links on the Documents page.
The Northeast Tribe's practice has been to plan a yearly schedule of monthly fly-ins, visiting selected airports throughout the territory. Click here to see photos of past fly-ins. Destinations are chosen in the southern region for the late fall through early spring (skipping January and February), and in the northern region in the warmer months. Fly-ins are usually one-day events with arrivals mid-morning, followed by camaraderie and tire kicking, lunch at a nearby restaurant, and departure mid-afternoon. Many include a planned program of interest to the pilots attending. All are scheduled for Saturday with the option to move to Sunday if the weather requires. In addition to the Nor'Easter listing, members receive an email invitation in the weeks preceding a fly-in with detailed information and a link to sign up. Every so often a special event is scheduled such as the May 2013 CPTP Clinic at Danielson CT, or the September 2013 Nantucket Island Getaway weekend.
You can get a better idea of the NE Tribes activities by reviewing the past issues of the Nor'Easter stored on the website as PDF files for easy access. There are also other documents such as reports of past fly-ins and events like the 2011 Gettysburg weekend and the 2012 Baltimore ICS Convention.
Please use any of the links below for more information:
bullet Officers - names and contact information of the current Tribe officers
bullet Fly-in schedule - current years listing and registration link
bullet Documents - Nor'Easter archive and other documents of interest
bullet Tribe Documents - Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws etc
bullet Photos of past fly-ins - selected photos from past years
bullet Cease and Desist - re ICS website Northeast Tribe elections
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